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Disaster Response

We provide teams to conduct preliminary assessments to ensure the safety of your personnel prior to thier entering a disaster area. We will maintain a close perimeter

At Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC we know the best means of mitigating damage from any kind of disaster is a pro-active rather than re-active approach. Sometimes, despite planning efforts emergencies do occur, whether they are small scale or catastrophic they can be overwhelming.

Our Special Operations personnel are chosen for
their knowledge, experience and professionalism in addition to specific skill sets such as prior Combat Medics. In the absence of medical professionals or health care providers their work can range from the administration of immunizations, obtaining vitals and initial patient information, or treating trauma victims.

We are able to use these skills and abilities to strengthen our team as well as providing needed relief to those communities affected by disasters.


Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC's key element is our people. Our uniformed armed
protection specialists adhere to a strict code of conduct and chain of command. We derive success from our professional command staff and their ability to lead by example. Their "mission" is to supervise with the goal of providing the best possible security personnel and practices for all our clients' needs, always.

At Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC, we understand that "perception is everything". Our Officers take pride in their appearance and the uniform they wear and it shows. Our uniformed Officers are equipped with the latest state of the art radio communications, giving them the ability to communicate activity on the properties they patrol as well as coordinating field operations and communicating to their sector supervisors.

Officers are supported by our operations center and dispatch personnel to assist with emergency calls for service and to direct additional resources to the Officer.

                                                                                                Border Operators
Border Security

We understand the need for security on the border, and the fact that the government is denying that there is truly a problem. If you live in the border area and are having problems with persons illegaly crossing the border and using your land as a rest stop, trash can, bathroom and highway to get to the rest of the United States we can help by providing security personnel on your property using various techniques and keep constant vigil over your land, livestock,  home and other property.

Working in high-threat / hostile environments demands a specialized team of experienced operators with highly trained skill sets. We specialize in providing professionals with
worldwide expertise and proven past performance to fit our clients needs and to compliment out growing team. We are a dynamic and rapidly growing organization with one mission, "to provide expert protection and security services that always go above and beyond our client's expectations".

See what the Texas Department of Public Safety says about armed confrontations with the cartels on the Texas-Mexico border in the following article.




The front line of any club's defense in reducing the amount of undesirable patrons depends on how the door is being worked. It's not enough that you know how to check for valid IDs. Hosting the door requires a certain skill of not only being people friendly but being aware of the patron's demeanor and attitude as they approach you. We have that certain skill; we are your club's best defense.

Whether it's a hand held metal detector or a portable walk-through metal detector, we have a solution to fit any budget. Ask us about how easily and affordably we can provide metal detectors to help minimize the problem of patrons bringing guns or knives into a club to settle disputes. Additionally, we can conduct "Pat Down Searches", and inspections of all female patron purses and hand bags.

The difference between a bouncer and a trained security professional under Texas Law only Texas DPS Private Security Bureau certified security officers have the powers of arrest given to security officers on the properties that they are employed to protect.

Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC officers are trained in the USE of FORCE CONTINUUM (use the minimum force necessary to gain control). Having this training greatly reduces incidents of excessive force that can lead to litigation, arrests and/or citations. Often, problems may happen because a nightclub's security personnel aren't in any kind of uniform and are dressed in street clothes. The mere presence of our highly visible uniformed armed protection officer is often enough to stop a crime in progress or prevent future crimes.

Our protection officers give the club owner regular reports of incidents and accidents that might have occurred in the club or on the property. Having these detailed reports of activity on your property can limit liability and reduce frivolous litigation.


The benefits of having Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC respond to your alarm calls.

Are you tired of the 3:00 a.m. phone calls from an alarm company representative that requires you or an employee to put your personal safety at risk?

Are you tired of false alarms and the fines you may possibly receive?

Maybe you're a homeowner on vacation or away on business!

Would you like to sleep soundly knowing a highly trained professional will be immediately dispatched to any alarm call on your property?

At Chaparral Protection Academy, PLLC our highly trained and experienced officers will be dispatched to your alarm calls in fully outfitted, marked patrol vehicles equipped with state of the art radio communications and lab top computer. Our officers will conduct a full building perimeter inspection checking for signs of forced entry, vandalism and trespassing on your property.

The mobile patrol is a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from your business or residence. In addition, this patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed and unfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations.

Chaparral Protection Agency, PLLC provides:
  • Armed Alarm Response & Patrol Officers
  • Security Vehicle Escorts

    Types of businesses include:

  • Commercial Alarms & Properties

  • Gated Communities & Apartments
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